Fundraising Goals for 2016-2017


Thanks to the support of our SCES friends and family, we were able to CRUSH our fundraising goal for 2015-2016 with our Boosterthon Fun Run. These funds allowed us to install a school learning garden, bring in outside assemblies, help provide for the STEM program, fund free events, and support grade level grants. 


Lets do it again, so we can bring even more quality programs and educational experiences to SCES for our children! We have been working with school administration and teachers to determine what additional resources will be needed for next school year. These are just a few of the programs we would like to fund:




Farm to Table Program

Last year, our school was granted a greenhouse by the Forsyth County School District. It has been installed in our new learning garden that is under construction. Our plan for the greenhouse is to create a space where students can learn about the entire growing process of a plant; from planting a seed to harvesting and preparing a meal. We are developing a curriculum that will allow students to plant, care for, harvest, and prepare meals from plants grown in our garden. Our cafeteria will be conducting taste tests and incorporating the harvested plants into our lunch menus. For this to happen, our greenhouse will need to be outfitted with raised garden beds, learning tables, gardening tools, plants, and irrigation. 


Learning Garden Expansion

Our learning garden encompasses more than just the study of plants; it is a place where students can go to learn about weather, insects, birds, shapes, and much more. In order to give our students an enjoyable place to learn and observe nature, we would like to install a covered outdoor classroom. The structure would offer shade, seating, and observation tables in the center of our learning garden. It would also be a place that teachers could take their classes for other studies, snacks, and maybe even lunch.


Aquaponics and Hydroponics

We hope to bring alternative growing options into our classrooms for observation. These options include aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Aeroponics and hydroponics use water only to grow plants; while aquaponics utilizes water and fish nutrients. The students will be able to see the difference in growing patterns between a plant grown in soil and a plant grown using water. These systems would be indoor and placed in various classrooms throughout the school.


 Year #2 STEM Support

We would like to support the second year of our STEM accreditation program. This grant would be used by our STEM department to purchase additional robotics equipment, products for science and engineering classes, and special items needed in classrooms for STEM days.





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Community Partners

We are so thankful to our community partners for their generosity!

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